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Consider attending the First Friday Club

Consider attending the First Friday Club of Youngstown (meets on first Thursday – long story). Jan 6 next event

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New Year Resolutions

As we celebrate Christmas 2010, New Year 2011 and

Epiphany 2011, we again are reminded that a new year

is beginning.  With that comes new year resolutions.

In am resolving that in 2011 that I will try to spend more time

reflecting on the Word together with others.  In order

to do that I am joining a group of Christian leaders

in the Mahoning Valley to facilitate an ALPHA group

exploring the foundations of Christianity.  We will meet

every Wednesday starting Jan 12 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm

at the Boardman YMCA.  All are welcome.

I am also resolving to use the YMCA downtown more


What are some of your personal, spiritual or other


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