Brian R Corbin's Reflections on Religion and Life

Living Your Faith as Citizens and Leaders in Politics, Culture, Society and Business


Welcome to my personal blog. I hope in this space to engage myself and others in reflective commentary and insights about the role of religion in society. I frame my perspective from the Catholic tradition in order to inform my lifestyle and world view. I invite others to comment, argue, critically think through, the role and practice of faith in society and in the marketplace.

I am an active Roman Catholic person concerned about the conversations we are having in this country and around the world about the role of faith in politics, society, business/marketplace and culture.  I served as  the Executive Director of Catholic Charities Services & Health Affairs in the Diocese of Youngstown, OH and serve as a Special Faculty in Catholic Studies in the Department of Theology and the Deville School of Business at Walsh University.  Currently I am the Executive Vice President for Member Services of Catholic Charities USA.

I hope that persons concerned about the role of their faith (personally and institutionally) in society will join in thoughtful reflections.

I ask that you please consider reading the US Catholic Bishops’ Statement on Political Responsibility to help inform any reflective conversation.

Visit my other blog, for regular updates on official Church comments/position on global concerns.

3 Responses

  1. Hi Brian,
    Of course it goes with out saying to a degree how I feel about this subject. Faith has, faith does and faith will play a significant role in and through God’s people all over the marketplace. If if doesn’t then we will suffer the greatest loss of souls in our day then one could imagine.
    To wait for others to do what God has asked us to do is not an option. We must and I believe we will see a surge of faithfull and obedient followers of Jesus step into a place where we enter into true kingdom living based on the revelation and movement of the Spirit of God among us. The prophet Jeremiah says, “Call to me and I(being our Lord) will answer you and show great and unsearchable things that you do not know.”
    Once we are willing to lay down our pride and practice that has historically been abscent of the Living and Loving relationship of God we will see a true manifestation of His presence and power among us. When we do transformation will be among us.


  2. Cindee says:

    Brian — I enjoy seeing how much you have jumped into technology and pushing faith conversations! Best wishes maintaing it all. See you Friday at the Faithful Citizenship in-service!– Cindee

  3. Joe Mahoney says:

    I think this could be a very interesting and important conversation. I think there is often a disconnect between faith and daily life and anything that we can do to bridge that gap is critical.

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