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Corporal Works of Mercy: Visiting the Sick

Grateful to The Catholic Exponent, Youngstown OH for publishing my article during this Jubilee Year of Mercy.  (2016, 7 October 2016).brc-visiting-the-sick-cath-exponent-7-oct-2016-article

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CHA prayer for World Day of the Sick (Fe

CHA prayer for World Day of the Sick (Feb. 11) for your use and sharing. Join us at 1:00 Wednesday wherever you are to pray for the sick and caregivers

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I’m attending Poverty Awareness Month @

I’m attending Poverty Awareness Month @EndPovertyUSA in solidarity with @EndPoverty #povertyawareness

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Commitment @Ponitfex to build a more jus

Commitment @Ponitfex to build a more just, where the poor… are at the center of our concerns & daily actions

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Pope Francis’ November prayer intention

Pope Francis’ November prayer intentions

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