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This Lenten Friday @CatholicRelief @DOYo

This Lenten Friday @CatholicRelief @DOYoungstown don’t forget Rice Bowl praying, learning and almsgiving

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Palm Sunday and Easter Events at @DOYoun

Palm Sunday and Easter Events at @DOYoungstown St Columba Cathedral

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Fr Nick Shori named @DOYoungstown Direct

Fr Nick Shori named @DOYoungstown Director of Evangelization starting on Pentecost Sunday 2013

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Bp Murry Catholic Diocese of Youngstown´╗┐

Bp Murry Catholic Diocese of Youngstown´╗┐ celebrates special Mass of Thanksgiving for Pope Francis on Tues 3-19 at 7 pm St Columba Cathedral. All welcome

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Biography: who is JORGE MARIO BERGOGLIO?

Biography: who is JORGE MARIO BERGOGLIO?

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