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VATICAN CITY, 25 MAY 2008 (VIS) – The Feast of the Eucharist, as celebrated at Corpus Christi, was the theme of remarks that Benedict XVI addressed to faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square, before praying the Angelus today.

“The Lord and Creator of all things became a ‘grain of wheat’ to be sown in our land, in the furrows of our history”, said the Pope. “He became bread in order to be …. shared; … He became our food in order to give us life, His own divine life”.

“The Eucharist is a school of charity and solidarity”, he went on. “Those who nourish themselves on the bread of Christ cannot remain indifferent before people who, even in our own time, are without daily bread. Many parents have great difficulty in feeding themselves and their children. It is an ever more serious problem which the international community struggles to resolve. The Church not only prays to ‘give us this day our daily bread’ but, following the example of her Lord, seeks in all ways ‘to multiply the five loaves and the two fish’, through countless initiatives of human promotion and participation so that no-one may lack what they need to live”.

“May the Feast of Corpus Christi be an occasion to increase this authentic concern for our brothers and sisters, especially the poor”, said Benedict XVI and he concluded by calling upon the Virgin Mary “from whom the Son of God drew flesh and blood”, to intercede to this end.

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