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Catholic Charities USA: Hurricane Relief Efforts/Call for Donations

Charity Responding to Hurricane Gustav

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana, SEPT. 1, 2008 ( ).- As Hurricane Gutav batters the Gulf Coast, Catholic Charities USA stands ready to respond with humanitarian relief.

The storm hit the coast of Louisiana today as a Category 2 storm. The 110 mph winds and torrential rains generated by Gustav have left more than 1 million without power in the region.

After the storm, local Catholic Charities throughout the region plan to open community resource sites. The bulk distribution sites will offer water, basic food essentials, cleanup supplies, personal care kits, and other items to meet the communities’ recovery needs.

In addition, teams will be deployed into the affected areas to make damage assessments and identify unmet needs in the communities. These assessments will help Catholic Charities determine how best to tailor their response efforts in the days, weeks and months to come.

Kim Burgo, senior director of disaster response for Catholic Charities USA, stated, “Using our experience from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, we stand ready to respond to Gustav with speed, reliability, and a long-term commitment to helping the impacted region recover.”

For local information on how you can donate to these efforts, contact Brian Corbin or visit the Diocese of Youngstown Catholic Charities webpage.

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