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Jan 1 2010

Today we celebrate the 8th day of the Christmas Season, wherein in Scripture we are told that Jesus was brought to be circumcised according to the prescribed law.

Today on this day we celebrate Mary, the Mother of God, who witnessed the many signs and heard many words from prophets and sages, shepherds and Magi, about the power of the Word made Flesh.

This is also celebrated as World Day of Peace.  Pope Benedict XVI called upon us to reflect upon the theme: if you want peace cultivate creation.

As we begin the New Year, let us make peace the center of our work and lives: let us be peacemakers and peacebuilders in our personal, work and social lives.

How can we be peacemakers?  Peacebuilders?

Would love to hear your thoughts….

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  1. Debbie Scott says:

    Brian, I just wanted to thank you for the $200 from the Rice Bowl Collection. I am from St. Ann Parish in Sebring and I am happy to let you know the “free meal” program we were able to start is doing great! We are “Community Fellowship & Food”. Several other churches along with other civic groups have joined forces to provide a hot meal on the first and fourth Monday every month. It was your support through the Rice Bowl Grant that gave us that extra push to continue in our efforts. Not only are we feeding the needy in our community (almost 200 at the first meal) we are also getting to work with some wonderful people from the other churches in our area. God Bless You! And Thanks for your support! Debbie Scott, President of Community Fellowship & Food.

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