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Immigration Policy: Still looking for Justice

As the summer months slip away, comprehensive immigration reforms seems like a distant memory.  Still, millions of adults and children are waiting for some form of normalcy despite fear and anxieties.  Though the 1986 Immigration law provided hope and status for many, the compromises from that time period have created new problems.  Daily I hear from our immigration and service staff about newcomers seeking means to provide for their family and to become  good neighbors.

Reminds me of when my family arrived in the Americas in the late 1600s.  My wife’s dad arrived in the mid 1950s.  All newcomers what to be legitimate members of our community. We need to find new ways to help these seekers, like all of us before them — unless of course you are Native American.

The US Catholic Bishops continue to call for comprehensive  immigration reform.  Please take a moment, Read the Bishops’ website at  Pray about it.  Wrie your congressional representative and senator calling for a comprehensive immigration reform that provides dignity and justice for all.

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