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Use your consumer power for justice/development…FAIR TRADE GOODS make great Christmas gifts

With the holiday season underway and many of us feeling the effects of the current economy, now’s the time to think about giving meaningful gifts. Catholic Relief Services offers an easy way for holiday shoppers to buy fair trade gift items, like coffee, chocolate, or handcrafts. An alternative to conventional shopping, fair trade ensures that artisans and farmers receive a fair price for their products.

Through CRS’ Work of Human Hands catalog, you can buy affordable fair trade handcrafts and gourmet food items that were produced by 90 small producer groups in more than 36 countries throughout the world. The catalog is now available online and includes items like olive oil from Galileecoffee from Nicaragua, or nativity sets for kids from Sri Lanka. Order your gift now and you’ll be sure to give twice this season.

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2 Responses

  1. Brian,

    Thanks so much for helping CRS spread the word about Fair Trade gifts this holiday season. I just wanted to add, understanding that many folks are facing tight times, that orders through the Work of Human Hands on-line catalog receive free shipping if placed before December 1.

    On another note, I’m headed to Ohio for a CRS conference in February and hope to see you there!

    Thanks for all you do,

  2. brianrcorbin says:

    Thanks Jackie….you are always welcome to Ohio and thanks for the information regarding shipping. Also visit our website at for our fair trade page.

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