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World AIDS Day: December 1

HIV/AIDS is a critical health and social policy issue.  Each year, the world remembers those who are living with and/or have passed into new life from complications from HIV/AIDS.  December 1 is also a time to give thanks to all those who have worked to care for persons and families living with HIV/AIDS.

I want to give special thanks to several leaders in the Catholic Church that have worked to care for persons with HIV/AIDS, worked for prevention, and for just social policies.  Such institutions and persons include:

Catholic Relief Services

Caritas Internationalis

and locally in Youngstown, the Ursuline Sisters AIDS Ministry.

Tell me what you think?

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  1. Bill Spreizer says:

    Catholics that open their hearts to the preservation and honor of human life, including those who have died or are suffering from HIV/AIDS, are truly living in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. God bless all of us.

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